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Government of Alberta

Alberta's Centennial Coin

Alberta Centennial Coin<>

The votes for the design of Alberta's centennial coin have been tallied.

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) today unveiled a new commemorative circulation 25-cent coin celebrating Alberta's centennial. The design features Alberta's renowned landscape, which received the most votes by Canadians through a popular vote held earlier this year. The coin, designed by Calgary-based artist Michelle Grant, was introduced into circulation at a public event at Fort Edmonton Park, where the people of Alberta were invited to exchange a coin for the new 2005 Alberta Centennial 25-cent coin.

The vote marks the first time in the RCM's almost one hundred year history that the public has participated in the selection of a coin design. Mrs. Grant's design received  7,955 of the total 26,536 votes cast.   Mrs. Grant submitted one of the four final designs to commemorate the province's centennial.

Entitled Big Sky Country, the coin features an oil derrick with cattle grazing at its base under Alberta's breathtaking “Big Sky”. Mrs. Grant also designed the Mint's 2002 Calgary Stampede 50-cent collector coin.
The Mint will produce up to 20 million commemorative circulation 25-cent coins. Starting today, Alberta residents will be able to obtain the coin at any one of the 210 Credit Union branches in Alberta, as well as at any of the 149 branches and 131 agencies of the ATB Financial. Across Canada, Canadians can look for the coin in their change.