Interesting Facts About Alberta


Alberta is the 4th most populous and little do people know that there are many interesting facts which are related to the province. There are many facts of the province which are related to the region and are highly regarded by the indigenous people. The US state of Montana and the Canadian province of British Columbia are the other regions which are bordered by the province. Apart from major tourist attractions and awesome places worth visiting there are some other facts which are related to the province. A quick fact, the Alberta’s largest city is Edmonton which is also regarded as the center of supply of Canada’s crude oil (Canadian Light Sweet)

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Alberta Centennial Medal and Coins: Brief Overview

Alberta Centennial Medal and Coins

Celebrating the 100 years of Alberta confederation the Alberta Centennial Medal was released. The best part of the medal is that it is awarded to the Albertans that have contributed to the society and therefore it is regarded as a highly decorated medal. Whether the service has been performed at the provincial level or at the city level the person can be nominated for it. Whether the citizens have resided in Alberta still they can be nominated for the medal. The medal was first of all awarded on 24th March 2005 and to this date, about 8000 people have received this award. From provincial organizations to the members of parliament the medal is awarded to the people from all walks of life. The cast of the medal is bronze and it is gold plated.

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