Best theatres: places worth visiting

People of Alberta love movies and nights out. There have been many YouTube videos which have made it possible for the world to see how much the people of the province are in love with movies and theatres. The best part of this phenomenon is the fact that theatres are spread all over the province. Even if a tourist visits the province he will find no issue in finding the best place to enjoy and relax. Alberta has each and every kind of theatre ranging from traditional ones to latest 3D and IMAX. The choice range is very vast and therefore one can get the best services. The management of each and every theatre of the province is done in the best manner.

Okotoks Cinema

As the name suggests the cinema is located in Okotoks and is regarded as one of the best places to watch a movie especially at night. The best part of Okotoks Cinema is the fact that it is dedicated to children and is greatly known for its child-friendly content. From kids cartoons to movies there are many enjoyable moments which families can rely upon when they are with children. Though the amenities are few the theatre make is very compact and therefore it is a must visit place for all.

Landmark Cinemas Roxy Airdrie

This cinema is also located in Okotoks and it can be visited for the best night outs. The seats of the halls are very comfortable and therefore it means that anyone regardless of age can visit the place. The latest movies are featured and the place is advised to everyone. The family areas are separated and therefore can enjoy the place to the fullest. The cinema was set up in 1965 and since the beginning has gathered massive crowds. Even today the cinema always presents houseful shows which mean that people still like the place and want to be a part of it.

Magic Lantern Elite Theatre

The cinema is located at St. Paul Alberta and is highly known for its superb location. The best part of the theatre is that it prints a schedule for the year and airs only those movies which are mentioned. The rainbow cinema is the one which governs the theatre. Another fact about the cinema is the fact that the cinema also offers rewards to its loyal customers and for this certification program has been launched. The gift certificates are also offered as a separate deal and can be availed by large organizations and corporations.

Theatre Alberta

This is an organization which has also been registered as the charity. The purpose of theatre Alberta is the fact that it also helps other organizations which are related to movies and therefore need assistance to strive. It is a traditional theatre and a large number of people supports the cause of this organization. The theatre also conducts auditions and therefore a large number of people visits the place for the auditions. The theatre also features auditions of other organizations which again is a good gesture on its part.