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Government of Alberta

Centennial Medal

The Alberta Centennial Medal celebrates Alberta's first 100 years by paying tribute to Albertans whose achievements have benefited their fellow citizens, their community and their province.

Centennial Medal - Front
Front of medal
Centennial Medal - Back
Back of medal

To ensure that the medal was inclusive and recognized a diversity of contributions, the criteria for nominations were broad. The medal was awarded to living men, women and youth who:

  • have made significant contributions to their fellow citizens, their community and to Alberta, and
  • are Canadian citizens that reside in, or have resided in, Alberta.

Approximately 8,000 medals have been awarded to outstanding Albertans. Representatives from provincial organizations, governments and other groups made the nominations.

The Design

The Alberta Centennial Medal is included in the Canadian Order of Precedence of orders, decorations and medals and may be mounted and worn with other official honours. The medal's simple design features Alberta's coat of arms and "Alberta Centennial 1905-2005" on the front and shield of the arms and "Honouring Outstanding Albertan" on the back. It is cast in bronze and plated in gold.

The Ribbon

The colours of the medal's ribbon symbolize Alberta's spirit and strengths. Blue and gold, Alberta's provincial colours are most prominent in the ribbon. All the colours in the ribbon are taken from Alberta's official emblems and heraldry.

Blue - clear skies and sparkling lakes
Gold - wheat fields and resource wealth
Green - forests
White - mountains
Pink - wild rose

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