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Government of Alberta

Almost 8000 Alberta Centennial Medals Awarded

Almost 8,000 Albertans from all corners of the province and all walks of life have been awarded the Alberta Centennial Medal in recognition of a variety of accomplishments and a solid commitment to making Alberta even better.

The recipients of the Alberta Centennial Medal were selected by all members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representatives of other levels of government, post-secondary institutions, the RCMP, the military and a number of other provincial and national organizations. Recipients needed to meet the criteria of Canadian citizenship, current or past residency in Alberta and having made a notable contribution to fellow citizens, the community and the province.

The Alberta Centennial Medal is a one time award developed in 2005 for the province's centennial. It is included in the Canadian Order of Precedence of orders, decorations and medals, and may be mounted and worn with other official honours.

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About the Alberta Centennial Medal